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Maria-Fernanda G. – San Anselmo

The house we bought had been vacant for years and we needed a new lawn. I found Francisco through Craigslist (along with a few others) and he was the least expensive, so I was skeptical, but hopeful.

He came with his team on Sunday and, after four very full days of work, they had stripped the scraggly grass, tilled the ground, refilled it with quality soil, lay down sod, and fixed our sprinkler system. And with the extra grass, he filled in an area in our side yard for free. It looked beautiful.

But the very best part about Francisco, is that he stands by his work. He has kept coming back to make sure everything is growing like it should, to adjust the timer on the sprinklers, to lay down fertilizer. I didn't know he would do this, it wasn't part of our arrangement. He just does it because it helps the grass grow.

Quality product and old school service.


Sallie L. – San Rafael

We had a faulty drip irrigation valve that would intermittently fail to close, thus flooding our yard. We had paid someone to make the repair but it failed again the next day and the guy got so busy we could never pin him down to a time to return so we eventually let it go. I finally got around to researching reviews for someone who could reliably take care of it and also prune roses which I had done the year before, but apparently not very well. Francisco himself answered the phone on my first call, visited the following weekend to survey, emailed an estimate a couple days later and came with his team the next weekend at the time I requested. I'd asked to be able to watch the pruning so I could learn myself and he had a dedicated person there who walked me through, explaining very well, while Francisco and his team handled the valve and weeded the entire area around all 8 rose bushes. They also mowed he lawn, pruned small roses I had in pots (extra!), took away all debris and even used the blower on the patio. They also gave advice on many many things in the yard ncluding types of fertilizer, equalizing moisture in the yard which was half sun half shade, where to mulch and organic pest control. I hadn't compared estimates but felt I got my money's worth and the jobs were done very well. I also appreciated that they weren't hurried or cutting corners. They invited me to call or email anytime with questions and recommended their favorite book on lawn care. I'm planning on having them once a year to keep things in good shape.


Marlon M. – Novato

We actually found Francisco's Gardening and Maintenance from Yelp. We were not having good luck from other companies. They would come to our home, talk to us and then never contact us again. When we contacted Francisco, he came to our home promptly, completed a thorough estimate and sent it via email a few days later. I called him and we decided on a date to begin the work.
Sure enough, he arrived on the set date, went over the plans once again, made sure the estimate was fair and answered any questions we had. He started the work on a Saturday; worked Sunday and Monday and completed the work the following Saturday. He removed all over our disgusting weeds, tilled the yard, laid wire so the weeds wouldn't grow back, set up our irrigation system, built a fence, planted all the plants we wanted, and gave us the best sod money can buy (trust me, shady landscapers can save a ton of money from the sod they purchase because the customer doesn't know any better). But Francisco is a man of his word and gets the job done right, fair and beautifully.
Would I recommend Francisco? We already did to two of our neighbors who can't stop praising our yard. People are literally stopping their cars to say how great our yard looks.
Francisco is easy to understand, prompt, punctual, and a hard worker. 
Thank you


Howard L. – San Francisco

These guys are AWESOME! We had quotes from other gardeners/tree services and Francisco came in at the best price to do some bush and tree trimming around the house. They showed up on time for the estimate and the day of the job. Reliable, professional and took good care of our yard. Very pleased with these guys and will definitely use them again!


Matthew G. – San Rafael

I discovered Francisco on Yelp when I was looking for someone to repair a broken sprinkler head and a leaky outdoor faucet. Not only did he show up on time to estimate the work, we also decided to add a new sprinkler to an under watered area of the property and he did the work beautifully, cheaply and couldn't have been more patient with me and my daughter (who wasn't having a great day). Francisco is the man! Will definitely work with him again.


Ashley W. –

We would give Francisco a hundred stars if we could!!!  He is extremely knowledgeable about irrigation as well as landscaping and gardening -- as well as credentialed.  We really appreciate his creativity, conscientiousness, and thoroughness.  He goes above and beyond every time.  Francisco is a man of his word.  We are pleased to be part of his client list.


Greg F. – San Rafael

Ashley W. really summed up our experience with Francisco as well: he's a total pro who does fantastic work and is so friendly, reliable, skilled, and thorough that he puts other contractors to shame.

Our drainage easement had become clogged with noxious weeds that couldn't be mowed or trimmed because they'd taken root in the drain rock. It was an unsightly embarrassment that was a hazard to our hound and our home. Almost all of it had to be pulled by hand, which made for a difficult and time-consuming job. The estimate for the work wasn't cheap, but Francisco came highly recommended...

...and totally exceeded our expectations! After an initial check-in at the start of the job, we left for the day, only to return to discover that it had been done PERFECTLY. Like, the weeds had simply never been there in the first place. It was flat-out amazing and worth every penny.  I am very pleased to recommend Francisco and his crew without hesitation.


Aurora M. – Woodacre

Francisco is the best gardener and landscaper we've had the pleasure working with!  He is very knowledgeable, accountable, and easy-going.  He and his crew come out and work magic on our back yard.  The icing on the cake is that his prices are so reasonable.  He comes out on a regular basis and keeps everything looking so beautiful.  He even installed our sprinkler system and new lawn.  We are so happy to have found him!


Alan F. – San Anselmo

Just had our first visit from Francisco and his crew -- and it DEFINITELY will not be our last!

Our yard is definitely a diamond in the rough, and this year deferred maintenance has made it even rougher.  Francisco gave us a very reasonable price for a major clean-up, and after a few hours of very skilled, focused, and careful work today, he and his guys have our place looking great and ready for a bigger landscaping makeover.  They did more than we had asked, and then stuck around to take care of a few extra things we had though we'd need to have our tree service do.

Francisco brought  a real partnership approach to us and our property, offered sound and creative ideas, and even figured out good ways to save and adapt existing materials we initially thought were best hauled away.  We couldn't have more confidence in him -- and he, Eduardo, and the other guys were a true pleasure to deal with as well.

We have asked Francisco to come back for regular maintenance and to take a number of landscaping and construction items (new drip system, gates and fence, handrails, etc.).  We'll post updated reviews after he does that good work; in the meantime, we are thrilled to have found a GREAT landscaper!


Nacho L. – Sausalito

In a former life, I had the time to devote to working outside since I worked from home.  After starting a new business along with my day job and needing help desperately for our yard, I went on to yelp to try and find someone.  I did my due diligence, got some quotes and checked out different photos on a few websites.

What surprised me most about Francisco was his price--if you take a look at his site and see the project's he's done, you can't really believe the value you're getting.  Even more importantly, they did a fantastic job--our yard hadn't been attended to in 4 months and this was in the fall--it was all bad!  His team came in and really just did an amazing job.

So now I can officially say that I have a "guy" if anyone asks me if I know a good gardener--we now have him coming every other week to help us out.  I feel like I've gotten a steal with the work he's done, so I figured the least I could do was write him a review.  He's a great guy, stands by his work and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help in their yard.


Annie I. – San Francisco

I called Francisco in to give me a consultation based on the yelp reviews, and so far I'm really happy with all the work they've done. 

They took my weedy, overgrown disaster of a front garden and fully weeded it, mulched it, relaid the flagstone, re-edged my flower beds, and transformed it into something I didn't even think was possible. Everyone that has seen the front garden is stunned. What a huge difference!

I will without a doubt be using Francisco & Team (fabian and edgar) in the future, they are superb and very friendly. Bonus because Francisco and son are cat lovers too. 

Thank you guys!


Kerstin F. – San Rafael

We had a leakage at our sprinkler system and we couldn't stop the water running out.  Since we have not been living in this house for very long we didn't even know if that particular area had a valve or not.
Francisco came after an hour of our phone conversation and fixed the problem straight away.  He found the additional outlet buried under a lot of earth and bark.
He was very professional and charged us very reasonable for his service.
We were very happy and will consider him for different jobs around the garden in the future.


Craig T. – Woodacre

We hired Francisco and his team recently for a pretty big project involving new lawns, fountain relocation, deck work, termite-'proofing', tree-trimming as well as general maintenance.  Each part of the project has been executed professionally and within budget- and the prices were very, very reasonable.  I feel like we got an excellent deal and a reliable, talented team to work with on future projects.  Woohoo indeed!


Jeff D. – San Anselmo

These guys are awesome.  Our backyard irrigation system went down with some sort of wiring issue so I called Francisco to see if he could take a look sometime that week.  He and Eduardo were at my door in less than an hour -- they sorted through a tangle of unmarked loose wires, reorganized everything and added secure connections, and had everything fixed in 15 minutes. I will be calling on these guys to tackle my yard maintenance very soon.


Matt R. – San Rafael

Francisco did a great job replacing our lawn. He did the work when we left for vacation and when we returned home the lawn looked amazing. He also replaced some our irrigation system and optimized the sprinklers.  We also use Francisco for our general yard maintenance and his crew always does a great job, He is always very responsive and I would definitely recommend him for any garden project.


Richard M. –

2nd time using him. Very happy. Showed up for estimate when stated. Emailed quote promptly. Came in today to do the work. Very efficient crew. Done to my satisfaction.
Thank you Francisco and crew.


Ann R. – Rohnert Park

Francisco and his team are remarkable.  They replaced an old weedy yard and turned it into a beautiful plush lawn using the best top soil and sod available.  In addition to a new sprinkler system, Francisco replaced old pipes enabling me to use an old faucet for watering flowers close to my porch for the first time.  He also straightened the borders of my garden making it more attractive.  I've read the other reviews and enthusiastically agree with them all.  If you're looking for an expert landscaping service with terrific customer service and great prices, this is the one!


Kim J. – San Francisco

Francisco and his crew and great - in Marin gardening services are so expensive and they all try and tell you its worth it as they "know about plants." Well I interviewed at least 5 companies and I can tell you that the only difference is the price. Francisco's team is fairly priced and they came up with some great ideas as to how to turn my very steep slope in the back into a backyard my kids cant stop playing in now. I plan on using them for maintenance too, and will continue to use them going forward for anything I want to do in the yard.


Judy A. – Fairfax

We used Francisco to install a new irrigation system. He did not try to talk us into a more expensive level of irrigation than was suitable for our garden, which I appreciate. He is dependable : he comes when he says he will come, and he responds to emails and calls (which many landscape people do not, I've discovered). We felt he did a good and thorough job. Two months after installation, we had a problem with the system. Francisco showed up within a day of our email, and fixed the issue at no charge. I also like that he gives an estimate and sticks to it. He does not change things mid-job (as some folks do). The only problem with Francisco is that his English speaking is not too good. However, he seems to understand more than he can verbalize. And, he apparently uses a translation program for his emails. So when we have emailed him with questions and concerns, he wrote clear responses. I feel that this and the other good points far outweigh any language barrier. So I do whole-heartedly recommend Francisco.


Dana A. – San Rafael

Our garden was professionally designed and built by a landscape architect, and we had hired a pretty upscale garden company to maintain it. Their fees were very high, and work was just OK (they never quite accomplished what we had asked). We just recently fired them when they raised their fees, and we hired Francisco based on reviews on Yelp. His fee is very reasonable, and he does great work maintaining our garden. His work is far better than the other company. We wish we had started with him in the first place!


Zoe B. – Mill Valley

Francisco has been maintaining our garden fortnightly for the last 18 months. Along with his team he tends to all the gardening maintenance chores leaving the garden well groomed and respectable. He is extremely knowledgeable about the plants we have and will answer expertly any concerns and questions I have about the garden. Not only does he maintain the garden, he has also helped on a drainage project for us and most recently secured loose bricks on our garden steps for no extra charge. I feel confident that if there was any further work I needed doing on the irrigation system, or paths, he would be able to achieve what I needed. He is extremely reliable, friendly and affordable.